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    The mission of the Tecovas Foundation is to support systemic social change by ensuring change agents have access to the tools they need to scale, collaborate, and build capacity.

    Our Funding Approach


    The Tecovas Foundation has been built upon a clear proposition. People have the capacity to solve their own problems; but they often don’t have access to the tools they need to make the change they seek. We are committed to funding access to solutions. These solutions are often built upon these access points:


    Funds to Innovate

    We are in a period of unlimited potential for innovation. A good idea, coupled with a good business plan, should be given the opportunity to be tested. We believe in funding an opportunity to test a potential model for success.


    Funds to Scale

    We believe that when good organizations don’t succeed at scaling, it’s often because they don’t have adequate support focus on their current programs as well as expand. We are committed to helping good organizations grow and blossom into great organizations doing more good.


    Funds to Convene and Collaborate

    We live in a world that has been trapped in sector and industry silos, but those silos are continually breaking down. We are committed to helping organizations working on similar issues find each other, have productive dialogue, and work together to achieve their mutual end goals.


    For more information, or to enquire about eligibility for a grant, send us an email!